Sexual Health


Our clinic is your local private centre for the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of sexual health problems.

The clinic is not part of the NHS. Your NHS doctor will not be contacted unless you give written permission.

This service is totally confidential.

You can attend with a friend, a family member, or anonymously alone.

If we cannot help you immediately, we can refer you to specialist support, counselling and treatment centres on a private basis, or advise you how to utilise the NHS.

You can attend as few or as many times as necessary  - we will always advise you.


Sexual Health


  1. blood tests

  2. swabs

  3. biopsies

  4. scans

  5. case tracing

  6. paternity tests


  1. -prompt medication

  2. -from our pharmacy,

   your pharmacy, or

   our own stock

  1. - referrals to specialist